Course content

All our courses are bespoke but typically we use what we call a “tapas” approach meaning we offer lots of small units which can be added in and out of trainings depending on the training length and group preferences. All units are taught in a practical, experiential manner.

Typical course content includes:

– the basic theory of stress, wellbeing and resilience. Neuroscience, biology and research on happiness
– spotting signs and symptoms of stress
– the fundamentals of physical wellbeing (sleep, diet, exercise etc)
– how thinking effects stress (CBT and positive psychology)
– social support
– office based stretches
– empathy and communication skills (e.g. asking for help and saying no)
– “centring” and other relaxation techniques to reduce the fight-fight response
– meditation and mindfulness (taught in a “non-nonsense secular manner)
– gratitude
– how to prevent burnout
– understanding and avoiding trauma (for clients working in more extreme environments)
– helping others with stress (e.g. for managers)
– plan of action with accountability to embed change (ore else what’s the point?)