Our Past Clients Include

Women in Banking and Finance group – City of London

"Very good, concrete, take-away tasks to do" - "A very interesting topic. Pleasantly interactive. Two hours of my life that was well spent".

GE Capital Global Banking – Paris

The feedback from the 'stress management training' was good. The meditation piece was the most valued piece of the session and the practical tools that were presented to people on how they can relax during a work day were appreciated too.

Oxfam GB

Our team work under significant pressure, in very difficult and even hostile environments around the world. They tell me that Mark's workshop was not only the best training they had attended together, but was the best day they had spent together. Mark's insights have had a significant positive impact on the work, and lives, of this small group and for that we are extremely grateful.

Bishop Grosseteste University College – UK

"All covered wonderful" - "Everyone would benefit form this stress management course." - "Practical and interactive, complex issues managed well and well presented".

Virgin Atlantic – UK

Being a Trainer and training manager for 15 years I have had much experience of external consultants and various training packages and there are not many consultants out there that impress me, but your emotional intelligence training certainly did though! Great conducive trainer delivery style with a passion for the subject and an aptitude to keep things up-beat and varied to gain everyone's interest. Everything from the 'heart' which is a big thing for me not just going through the motions. We are tough strong bunch and I got the impression everyone got something from yesterday's session so THANK YOU! It was great and I'm looking forward to next session!

Working Together Project – UK

Thank you for the assistance you gave me personally via your stress management course nearly 3 years ago now. My stress buddy and I still meet up!


A very useful and enlightening experience "Informative, interesting, insightful"

Social Entrepreneurs at B Scene – Brighton, UK

"Exceptionally marvelous." - "Like the body/physical aspects" - "Informative and useful."

Royal Sierra Leone Armed Forces

Excellent training, they are welcome back in Sierra Leone any time!

University of Sussex – UK

"A good, insightful, practical session on stress management." - "A great course, thank you" - "I think everyone should take this time management training!"

SOS Children – Cambridge UK

"Good for our office - needed!" - "Cleared the week's stress." - "Good to connect with colleagues - we're all still human!"

Harrow NHS – UK

Valuable, well presented, practical. - "Helpful, professional, stimulating." - "Very relevant and engaging - time flew!" - "Thoroughly met objectives - I would recommend them as a training provider to all employees.

Sumersdale Publishing – UK

Thank you again for a fantastic day today. You put so much thought and care into planning the day, and I really appreciate it. I think as a company and as individuals we’ll all benefit significantly from the day.

Vangent FS – UK

The best training I've had in the three years I've been here.

Connexions Manager – UK

I can see many different applications for Integration Training's approach in our workplace - team building, assertiveness training, stress management training, confidence building...Thanks to your training workshop, all the participants from my organisation found the training enjoyable, relaxing and refreshingly different from the norm.

NHS – Sussex UK

It was one of the best afternoons any of us can remember.

Working Together Project – UK

It has been a pleasure to work with you, and from a personal point of view, to attend your fabulous stress management course which continues to stand me in good stead three years later!

Working Together Project – Brighton

Today was brilliant! Best course I've ever been on!

Chapel Studios [New Media] – UK

I'm sure we'll have Mark back on a regular basis and thoroughly recommend his work and Integration Training as business training providers.